Sunday, April 29, 2007

Las Vegas Mets

The Las Vegas Mets have been improving every year. After 2 last place finish 64.98 (1), 72-90(2), we finally arrived as a .500 team 81-81 to finish 2nd. Things are looking up in the desert. Anchored by Catfish Hutton acquired in Season 2, has become the ace of the staff, with a 16-5 record, 3.10 era and a whip of 1.10. Pitching a no hitter on April Fools Day against the Florida Juicers. Leading in the bullpen is Damaso Seanez 24 year old closer, who saved 31 out of 32, with 1.96 era and a whip of 0.92. and has been compared to Mariano Rivera in the local paper. These 2 guys helped the Mets to a 21-3 run. Solid at 1st base with 24 year old Stubby Paige, had a great year with 36 HRs and 128 rbi's and .317 avg, played in all 162 games. Geronimo Posada also very solid at short, 29,110 .313. Leading in the outfield is Andres Benitez with a great year as well 34, 123, .245. After acquiring Placido Gutierrez in a trade during season 1, he has been a disaster. Been on the disabled list every year for extended period. His 6 million contract makes him hard to move as well. I will be looking to acquire more pitching as well as a catcher and an outfielder. Gerald Ono is 32 and is making 7.5 million, not sure how much he still has in the tank. Greetings from Vegas, until next time.


William said...

Thanks for contributing!

I thought Walt Burks was solid as a closer - but Seanez...Wow! And only 24.

waltontobird said...

Man, wishing I hadn't traded Hutton away, but I know I signed him to a contract that wasn't compatible with my 5 year plan, and I've got a solid group of starting pitching already. Still - he's a staff ace, no doubt.

Domingo said...

i have never blogged in my life, thanks for the opportunity