Saturday, April 28, 2007

Olmedo Gonzalez, 1B, NY Carloses

Olmedo Gonzalez is undoubtedly the stud in the New York Carloses lineup.

Prior to Season 3, the Carloses signed Gonzalez to a 3-year contract extension at a discount. Observers justified the bargain price ($6.1 million per year for the lifetime 1.100 OPS slugger) by citing his declining skills (with his overall rating dropping from 78 to 74 in two seasons), yet 'Made' (as he is known by teammates) was undaunted.

Made proceeded to put up monster numbers in the first half of the season and, despite a real fall-off in the second half, he managed to lead the league in HRs (61) and RBIs (192). He also set personal highs in average and slugging, while improving his discipline on the basepaths by dropping his caught stealing from 10 in Season 1 to 1 in Season 3 (one might question why he ever runs considering that he has NEVER STOLEN A BASE!!!).

Looking to Season 4 is difficult to predict.

Is the decline of the 2nd half due to a real collapse in ability?

Or is it due to overusage, a problem that the front office has identified and plans to manage better next year?

This much is clear though, the Season 1 MVP must come through if the Carloses intend to make the playoffs for the 4th year in a row.

This observer, for one, is excited to see whether the legendary slugger will continue to blend in with all the young players that NYThrill has surrounded him with!


Season 3: BA - .350, HR - 61, RBI - 192 OBP - .426, SLG - .733, OPS - 1.159
Career: BA - .344, HR - 166, RBI - 532, OBP - .428, SLG - .689, OPS - 1.117

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